Natural Vanilla Cream Essence

Natural Vanilla Cream Essence
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Bursting with flavour our natural essence is perfect for baking, cooking, cocktails, chocolate making or anywhere a big juicy burst of flavour is required. All our flavours come in regular or super strength versions.

Regular Strength: Suitable for everyday use, 5 or 6 drops would be roughly equivalent to 1 teaspoon of fresh ingredient.

Super Strength: Roughly 3 times stronger than the regular strength and is intended for use where a bigger, bolder, deeper flavour is required


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Monopropylene Glycol, Natural Flavouring (Contains small quantities of Diacetyl) See Safety Data sheet for details

Please click here for Regular Strength Specification Sheet

Please click here for Super Strength Specification Sheet


Please click here for Material Safety Data Sheet

Our Price:  £6.99(VAT Free)
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