Concentrated Green Colour

Concentrated Green Colour
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A vibrant GREEN Edible liquid Colour 

Uncle Roys range of vibrant edible liquid colours are perfect for use in baking, chocolate making, drinks and just about any application where a bright vibrant colour is needed. These liquid colours are both vegan friendly and allergen free.

*May have an adverse affect on activity and concentration of children - Please refer to product specification for full list of ingredients

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Water, Sodium Sulphate Maximum 20%, Green S E142 and Tartrazine E102. Tartrazine E102 is included in the “Southampton 6” consequently when used products must display the warning: “May have effects on activity and attention in children”

Please click here for Product Specification Sheet

Please click here for Material Safety data Sheet

Our Price:  £4.95(VAT Free)

Product ID:  23004PR50

Please refer to Specifications concerning the relevance of the "Southampton 6"

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