Natural Colours

Please note that natural colours may be affected by heat, light or acidity - any changes are harmless - and usually slight!

Natural colours differ significantly from artificial synthetic colours. They are free from artificial E numbers making them safer to consume, especially for children. However natural colours aren't as bright as synthetic colours and offer a more subtle natural colour. 

Catering and bulk sizes available in all colours. Contact for info.

Natural Black Colour

Natural Black ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Blue Colour

Natural Blue ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Egg Yellow Colour

Natural Egg Yellow ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Green Colour

Natural Green ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Orange Colour

Natural Orange ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Pink Colour

Natural Pink ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Purple Colour

Natural Purple ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Red Colour

Natural Red ColourFrom:  £9.99

Natural Yellow Colour

Natural Yellow ColourFrom:  £9.99


Please note that all flavours and colours are Natural and Essences contain NO SUGARS with only a small amount in some colours (Blue, Black and Green)

Please note that the flavours are not sweetened so when used in milk or other unsweetened drinks you will have to add sugar or syrup. Comprehensive notes about what is - and is not - in them can be found at the foot of the page.

Essences are supplied in (Mono)propylene glycol an inert carrier, ethanol (alcohol) - or a combination depending on what provides the best result in terms of stability and shelf life.

Most of our flavours do not contain alcohol, however there are a few that do. Please check the label or drop us a message at for a detailed specification sheet.

The Colours and Woodsmoke Essence are the only ones that contain water.

There are no other ingredients - no gluten, no nuts, no caffeine, no dairy