Brewers Natural Flavouring

Formulated specifically for use in alcohol, our super strength natural flavouring is concentrated for maximum flavour.

Developed with a master brewer of over 30 years’ experience our flavours have been perfected for use in IPA, Lager, Porters & Stouts and all light and dark beer.

Allergen, Sulphate and Gluten Free. Co2 Stable - no risk of re-fermentation occurring once bottled, canned or kegged. Vegan suitable.

Suggested Dosage Rate 1 Litre per 500 Litres is a good starting point and adjust up or down as required.

Also works equally well in distilled alcohol like Gin, Rum and Vodka.

* As a rule the darker the beer, the higher the dose, the lighter the beer the smaller the dose required. 


When mixed with other liquids our Super Strength range produces a much more intense flavour than our Regular Strength, roughly 3 times the strength.

NOTE: ALL of our packaging is Recyclable.