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chocolate and vanila
01 September 2023  |  Peter

before ordering i spoke to a very helpful lady who put me on the right track as to what i needed to make the scotch i was using blend to my taste. It is now perfect.

21 July 2023  |  Ian

Excellent flavour that goes with anything

22 June 2023  |  Marcel

Tastes just like real chocolate and you only use a few drops. Makes icing cupcakes so much more fun as you can colour it any colour and still have chocolate flavour. It makes the mind confused. Live it.

Such a natural flavour
27 February 2023  |  Erica

Ive been using Uncle Roys flavourings for many years now, and after grabbing a different one when I couldn't find the same flavour here, I now remember why. This time I ordered mango and raspberry flavours, to make buttercream for pairing with chocolate cake, and both are equally delicious. The flavours are fruity without being overpowering and chemical tasting. For a full 250g/500g batch of butter and icing sugar, I needed just 8 drops to get a nice rounded mango flavour. The only thing Id go for if it was available, would be a small size again, which would allow me to buy more variations/flavours as most of mine that I have here (23 flavours so far) use so little to make a good flavour that Im fearful of wasting the rest. Luckily they do have a long BB4 date and I have one flavour (cherry) that despite being well over the bb4 date, still tastes exactly the same.

Excellent Product & Excellent Service
27 February 2023  |  Julie

Very happy with my purchase. Very good quality and price. Fast delivery too. Highly recommend Uncle Roy's.

26 August 2022  |  Mary

These sugared violets are brilliant. I have bought them before and love them. They are so decorative and taste great too. Thank you

Excellent quality
26 August 2022  |  Mary

These sugared small whole roses are delicious to look at and to eat. I have ordered the petals before, so am familiar with Uncle Roy's products which are of excellent quality.

Strawberry beer
19 August 2022  |  Jayne

Uncle Roys bent over backwards to get the product to us promptly, which was really appreciated. We used half the recommended addition rate and got a pleasant flavour which has mellowed in cask. Would recommend and use again.

18 August 2022  |  Richie

I've been trying to replicate a chocalate-mint drink I'd had long ago, and after years of looking I'm happy to report that with this chocolate essence my search is over. I plan to continue to stock this in my pantry until I no longer like chocolate, a day which will likely never come.

Good flavour
10 August 2022  |  Jennifer

Well packed excellent service thank you

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We have started to shape up the website to make it easier to navigate.

But its always useful to hear if there is anything you would like to see on here or anything that would make your shopping easier?



Over the last 15 mon­­­th's Uncle Roy’s has undergone huge cha­n­g­es as we moved our production centre to Ayrshire, Rebran­ded and added new Ra­ng­es to our offer­ing with many of the products now sporting their new labelling and better shelf appeal for the retailers. 


We have some exciting new products coming your way! We also have new labels for the rest of our range coming soon! 

In order to tidy up the website a bit we are moving some of the products around so they are in more appropriate categories, bear with us while we move things around, some things may disappear only to reappear somewhere else. 

If you are having trouble finding your favourite products don't hesitate to give us a call on (UK) 01292 263 583


Our new premises is now fully SALSA Certified! We have a copy of the certificate available on the website and on request by clicking here


We have some more amazing new products coming your way!


We have been busy making all kinds of improvements and changes to our range behind the scenes and now its time to show you some of them!

New Label Flier


Our move has now happened  and we are getting back to normal - sorry for any slight delays !!!!!!


Uncle Roy's production is soon moving to bigger premises nearby in Ayr but no other changes apart from some new faces!!


Our Vanilla Essence is now alcohol-free



Got visitors? Bought the cheapest bubbly you could find? Poured and tasted it? mmmm a bit flat - no real depth of flavour. Shame!!.... but wait I wonder what it would taste like with a few drops ( That's all you need!) of Uncle Roys Blackberry Essence? Well blow me down with a feather -a sophisticated Adult-only indulgence with an edge on the decadent..........other words bloody good.

Thank you Uncle Roy for throwing the rocks away, ditching the Deli and doing what you were meant to do!!


A very satisfied customer who has to travel to Oban from Muasdale to get your products!

 Now where did I put that cheap be continued!


Liz Anderson


In response to frequent requests we be adding Cashew and Peanut Butter flavours to our wonderful Natural Flavours range (and of course like all the other Natural nut flavours they are NUT-FREE!!)


We are pleased to announce a gorgeouse new variety in our "Eat Me!" Edible Flower Petal range Orange Rose Petals- are now available to adorn cakes, plates and drinks!


Rabbie's Burnie Sauce  - is now available. Made with all sorts of lovely things including, of course, some Scotch Bonnet Chillies as well as some honey, lime and much more


We are pleased to announce that the new MOFFAT TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE - has now opened complete with a full display of our entire range. Good Luck!!!!!


With no apologies to Rabbie Burns we have introduced (My Love Is Like a Red) RED ROSE SALT - to join the rest of our so popular Gourmet Salt range.


In response to frequent requests we have added a WATERMELON ESSENCE to our wonderful Natural Flavours range


We have a new product - SMALL PINK ROSEBUDS - great for garnishing Celebration Cakes , Desserts or simply on a plate for an exotic touch


Cherry Essence

Please note that we have introduced a RED CHERRY ESSENCE so now you can choose RED or BLACK CHERRY ESSENCE !!


is up and running with great reactions from local Bloggers and Social Media. Uncle Roy admits that Czech is beyond him but Lumir is doing a marvelous job  job expanding our sales in south east Europe. It will be interesting to see whether Mustard Seed Oil is as great a hit in the Czech Republic as it is in Switzerland and Slovenia!


Sadly - thanks to the poor Summer - the bees have not managed to produce much clear honey - and our stock has run out. . . Heather, Heath & Wildflower and Set Blossom are still available of course!!!

The wonderful dark Spring Honey from the local trees will be available in 2016. Our fingers are firmly crossed !!


The Olfactory Company have opened a new store in Savannah, Georgia - with another wonderful display of Uncle Roy's.



A big thank-you is due to everyone that has sent in a review!!!

It is two year to the day since we started the new website and we have had 501 reviews!!!!

We are very pleased to work out that 94% of the reviews gave us 5/5 STARS so the average rating is 4.92 stars



"Oak Smokies" - Mixed Forest mushrooms

"Finest Preserves" - Rose Petal Jam

"Extra Special Condiments" - "The Best" Onion Marmalade

all picked up One Star Great Taste Awards.


Natural Apricot Essence is the new addition to the Natural Flavours range. Apricot is one of Uncle Roy's favourite fruits so he is not quite sure why it has taken so long to include it!!!


World Hot Sauce Awards 2015 - We did it again !!!!!

Not content with three awards in 2014

"Chillichup" has been judged WORLD CHAMPION 2015 in the Condiments-Ketchup division!!!!!


"Chocolate Chilli Mustard" collected a Third Place Award in the Condiments-Mustard division!!!


Great Taste Awards 2015 - our entries have been sent off and our fingers are crossed. Wish us luck!!


Natural Honey Essence is our latest addition to the Natural Flavours offering. Like the rest of the range it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Checkout the notes on the Natural Extracts, Essences and Colours page for full details of what is - and what is not - in them.


Our latest addition - "The Best" Onion Marmalade is now available in our "Extra Special Condiments" range. It is in 225g jars and is a perfect accompaniment for any cheeses or meats - and it got its name 'cos everyone here says its the best they ever encountered. Unfortunately that means that they are all eating it like mad !!


THE TRON church is a historic landmark at the centre crossroads of The Royal Mile in Edinburgh and has reopened as an indoor market for Scottish Foods and Crafts. A selection of our products are on offer at "Uncle Roy's @ The Tron"  - come and sample and see.....



the lovely Chocaholic Zoe Perrett has included our Chocolate Mustards in her  "Top 10 tastes of 2014"  - read what she has to say at A Year In Chocolate


In response to requests I have added a "Search" box - let me know what you think. U R.


Our BLACKCURRANT CURD is now available - and Uncle Roy thinks it is Brilliant!! So that is what he's named it -  BRILLIANT BLACKCURRANT CURD


NEW! PLUM Essence and COLA Essence - are now available..........


Speaking of BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE - don't forget that our sauce of the same name won a GREAT TASTE AWARD this year!!!!


WOW! - A sudden surge of orders from all directions for our Natural Liquorice Essence and Natural Black Colouring is thanks to Paul Holywood's latest creation - Blackcurrant & Liquorice Swiss Roll - see

Maybe it would even be better with our new Blackcurrant Curd - arriving soon!!!!


HOT NEWS!!!         Uncle Roy's Comestible Concoctions was a hit at the

WORLD HOT SAUCE AWARDS 2014 held in Louisiana, USA.

We picked up THREE awards from the home of spicy foods!!!.

CONDIMENTS – Mustard .......................................................CHAMPION      –  Rabbie’s Burnie Mustard  


CONDIMENTS – Speciality/Unique.........................................CHAMPION      –  Super Horseradish Sauce  


CONDIMENTS – Salad Dressing..............................................SECOND PRIZE – “One & Only Dressing”     



The really tangy "Finest Preserves" - Lime Curd ....has arrived !! - and it has been worth waiting for - WOW!


"Finest Preserves" - Pineapple Curd back ! - HOORAY!!!


"Britain's Best" - That's how Cook Vegetarian described our Mild & Mellow Moffat Mustards.


GREAT TASTE !!! -  We were worried when our curd maker retired but we have trained a new one - and to reassure ourselves submitted two varieties for the Great Taste Awards 2014 - and the GOOD NEWS is

"Finest Preserves" - Lemon Curd

"Finest Preserves" - Pineapple Curd

"Finest Preserves" - Elderberry Jelly

all picked up One Star Great Taste Awards.


Happy Birthday !!! -  This new style website is a year old today!! - and we are pleased to note that we have received 293 reviews..... with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. Thank you to everyone for your comments - they help other purchasers, as well as telling us how well we are doing.


Latest News !!! -  New Essences - the latest additions are Marshmallow and Vanilla Custard - now available. And next week we will be adding Cheese.


Great News !!! -  CURDS are back !! Following the sudden retirement, on health grounds, of our curd-maker, we ran out of curds - BUT they are back.

Lemon Curd this week.... Passion Fruit next.....


Very nice; Great notes; Very unique and innovative - loved the heat on the finish. that's how the American Speciality Foods Association - SOFI Awards - judges  described the Chocolate Chilli Mustard !!!


Original and innovative...staggering flavour.... that's how GFGC Magazine has described the New Oak Smoked Dried Mushrooms


New New New !!! have you noticed how popular dried mushrooms have become? Its because they impart such wonderful flavour and now we have added a whole range of Oak Smoked Dried Mushrooms that have even more fabulous flavours.


We have added a lovely rich pink rose petal into the  "Eat Me !" Edible Flower Petal range and we have called it Classic Pink - renaming the original Pink as "Candy Pink" .


Our sales of Uncle Roy's Old Fashioned Gravy Salts just keep on rising since first Burdalls and now Co-op Gravy Salt disappeared. Don't forget the Reduced Sodium variety for those that want or need to reduce their sodium intake.


WOW! in the first six months of the new website we have got 200 reviews with an average rating of over 4.9 stars. Thanks to you all for your kind words and helpful comments!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR ! - Some price increases - sorry but overheads keep increasing - but the good news is that the average is only 3%- and most products are the same (even the odd decrease!)

Happy cooking !!! 


NEW - NEWS - New flavours being added to the Extracts & Essences in response to demand ....

Champagne, Kirsch, Pecan and Black Grape !!! 


Damson Jelly is back - crops were much better this year, Hooray !!

Crab Apple Jelly too - a great crop - one of my favourites ! 


Great British Food says that our " fabulous edible Hot Pink Edible Rose Petals are perfect for adding a splash of colour to bakes."

Of course they are great to float in wine or champagne for dinner parties too....


Cook Vegetarian Magazine described our Smokey Scotch Whisky Salt as "fabulous" !!!


NEW - NEWSAnother Natural Extract added - Jasmine
- as featured in the new book from Primrose Bakery. Get with the fashion!!


Good Housekeeping Magazine described our Essences & Extracts as "astounding"


GREAT NEWS - We have been awarded four 2013 Great Taste Awards
Gold Star winners this year are



"Extra Special Condiments" - BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE SAUCE

"Finest Preserves" - CRAB APPLE JELLY


Well here is the updated website at last! Many hours of painstaking input and proof-reading have been expended and I hope that you will find it easy to use and will not be able to find any errors, omissions or spelling mistakes - let me know if you do !

We will be adding new items, as we go along - so keep checking in!

xx - Uncle Roy