Natural Rose Petals

Real freeze dried Rose Petals for use as a garnish, decoration or confetti for an exotic touch

Freeze drying is the most natural preservation method which maintains cell structure, shape and the silky softness and are 100% biodegradable. This makes them colourfast as the lack of moisture means no unpleasant stains.

No additives or colouring agents used.

Big Red Rose Petals

Big Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Burgundy Rose Petals

Burgundy Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Burnt Orange Rose Petals

Burnt Orange Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Candy Pink Rose Petals

Candy Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Copper Rose Petals

Copper Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Cream Rose Petals

Cream Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Dark Orange Rose Petals

Dark Orange Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Golden Yellow Rose Petals

Golden Yellow Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Hot Pink Rose Petals

Hot Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

In the Pink Mixed Rose Petals

In the Pink Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £8.99

Lemon Blush Rose Petals

Lemon Blush Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Mauve Rose Petals

Mauve Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Original Mix Rose Petals

Original Mix Rose PetalsFrom:  £8.99

Peach Blush Rose Petals

Peach Blush Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Raspberry & Lemon Rose Petals

Raspberry & Lemon Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Small Red Rose Buds

Small Red Rose BudsFrom:  £5.99

Soft Pink Rose Petals

Soft Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Sweet Dreams Mixed Rose Petals

Sweet Dreams Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £8.99

Twilight Mixed Rose Petals

Twilight Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £8.99

Vintage Pink Rose Petals

Vintage Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99

Yellow Rose Petals

Yellow Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.99