Natural Rose Petals

Real freeze dried Rose Petals for use as a garnish, decoration or confetti for an exotic touch

Freeze drying is the most natural preservation method which maintains cell structure, shape and the silky softness and are 100% biodegradable. This makes them colourfast as the lack of moisture means no unpleasant stains.

No additives or colouring agents used.


*Please note as these are 100% natural rose petals the colours can vary depending on the harvest. Its also worth noting the colours on a screen/monitor can also show quite a difference from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you need an exact colour match we advise buying a small sample jar to check your happy with the colour.


**Please note Vat will be applied to the Freeze dried Rose petals from 1st January 2022 as these are sourced in the EU, and the Brexit vat grace period ends.


Big Red Rose Petals

Big Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Burgundy Rose Petals

Burgundy Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Burnt Orange Rose Petals

Burnt Orange Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Candy Pink Rose Petals

Candy Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Classic Pink Rose Petals

Classic Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Copper Rose Petals

Copper Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Cream Rose Petals

Cream Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Dark Orange Rose Petals

Dark Orange Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Golden Yellow Rose Petals

Golden Yellow Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Hot Pink Rose Petals

Hot Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

In the Pink Mixed Rose Petals

In the Pink Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £7.49

Lemon Blush Rose Petals

Lemon Blush Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Original Mix Rose Petals

Original Mix Rose PetalsFrom:  £7.49

Partytime Rose Petals

Partytime Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Peach Blush Rose Petals

Peach Blush Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Raspberry & Lemon Rose Petals

Raspberry & Lemon Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Ruby Red Rose Petals

Ruby Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Small Red Rose Buds

Small Red Rose BudsFrom:  £6.99

Soft Pink Rose Petals

Soft Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Twilight Mixed Rose Petals

Twilight Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £7.49

Vintage Pink Rose Petals

Vintage Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99

Yellow Rose Petals

Yellow Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.99