Natural Flavourings

One of the industry's best kept secrets! We call them "Liquid Ingredients" because you just add to taste, either as part of your recipe or just before serving to add a burst of flavour to almost anything. You will find that 5-6 drops is about equal to a teaspoon of fresh ingredient. Throw away those jars of tasteless herbs and spices - these will keep their real flavour to the last drop without all the "bits". 


Our flavours are available in both regular and super strength.

Regular Strength: designed for everyday use, such as for baking, confectionary and home-cooking.

Super Strength: roughly 2.5 times stronger than the regular strength and is used where you need a bigger, bolder, dominant flavour, such as in beers and spirits.

The 50ml size comes in recyclable glass bottles. All other sizes are supplied in tamper evident, food grade, recyclable plastic bottles.

All our flavours are available in TRADE sizes from 1 litre to 1000 litre IBL's. To find out how to gain trade access, please click here.

**All our flavours have an average shelf life of 12 months, with a maximum of 24 months and a minimum of 6 months depending on the flavour. 


Please note that all flavours and colours are Natural and very few contain SUGARS. For full details of any flavour just click on the Specification Tab to download.

Essences are supplied in (Mono)propylene glycol an inert carrier, ethanol (alcohol) - or a combination depending on what provides the best result in terms of baking stability and shelf life. Without these they would quickly lose their flavour upon heating.

So for the Brewers and Drinks flavourers amongst you, the best Essence would be our Super Strength grade which pro-rata has less carrier and is far stronger.

As well as herbs and spices we have all the fruit, nut, flower, spirit, seed, vegetable and brown-note flavours you could ask for!

A couple of flavours have won GREAT TASTE AWARDS GOLD AWARDS. There are too many to put them all forward but the other 100 are just as good!

Please note that the flavours are not sweetened so when used in milk or other unsweetened drinks you will have to add sugar or syrup to taste.  Comprehensive notes about what is and is not in them can be found in the Specification Sheet

We have grouped our Range of Flavours to help you easily make your selection