Uncle Roy's Trade Account

All Uncle Roy's products are available in:

  • Retail Trade Packs - Perfect for Shops, Deli's, Visitor Attractions and Farm Shops
  • Catering Sizes and Mini Bulk - Suitable for Cafe's, Deli's and Restaurants
  • Bulk Wholesale - Aimed at Large Scale Food Producers, Brewery's and Manufacturers

How to Apply:

  • Simply email us at uncleroy@uncleroys.co.uk with your details, and a brief description of your business and the products your interested in.

What Happens Next:

  • We'll email you with your new account details and a login to the website where you can view our trade prices and sizes.

How Do I Place Orders?

  • Simple. All orders can be placed online. Our shipping time is between 3-5 days, but can be as quick as  1-2 days depending on how busy we are

Whats the minimum Trade Order?

  • Our minimum trade order is only £50 and is subject to carriage. *Please note all orders below £150 must be paid at time of ordering online.

What's the Carriage Paid Order Value?

  • Our carriage paid order value is only £150

Can I Get Credit Terms?

  • Yes. Our only requirement is you are VAT registered or have submitted at least 1 set of accounts to companies house.

What Happens if i'm a New Company with No Trading History?

  • That's not a problem, we will still be delighted to trade with you. All we ask is that you pay the first few orders pro forma (i.e online at time of purchase) and once we have established a regular trading pattern we will be happy to look at credit terms.