Natural Beakbliss Essence

Natural Beakbliss Essence
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This Natural Aniseed Essence will keep Game Birds and Poultry on feed and stop them wandering when added to their feed.

Aniseed's sweet Liquorice-like scent mimics natural aromas found in Game Birds' environment, triggering their keen sense of smell. 

This attraction is rooted in familiarity, palatability and foraging behaviour, making aniseed an enticing and irresistible scent that draws birds to investigate and forage.

Our Natural Essence is economical and should only require a mix of 10ml to 1Kg of feed, but this will be dependent upon the feed.

For ultimate coverage add the essence to a spray bottle and spray around the desired area.

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Natural Flavouring, Monopropylene Glycol, Ethanol (Contains Estragole 75ppm max)

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