Super Strength Natural Marzipan Essence

Super Strength Natural Marzipan Essence
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Formulated specifically for use in alcohol, our super strength natural flavouring is concentrated for maximum flavour. 

Designed by a master brewer with over 30 years’ experience our flavours are perfect for use in IPA, Lager, Porters and all light and dark beer. 

Also works equally well in distilled alcohol like Gin, Rum and Vodka. 

Allergen, Sulphate and Gluten Free. Co2 Stable - no risk of re fermentation occurring once bottled, canned or kegged. Vegan suitable.

Suggested Dosage Rate 1 Litre per 500 Litres is a good starting point and adjust up or down as required.

* As a rule the darker the beer, the higher the dose, the lighter the beer the smaller the dose.

** Safe to add at any temperature between 20c down to 1c

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