The Gravy Salt Story


Gravy Salt has been around for centuries.

Gravy Salt is a very simple product - it is solid gravy browning and is used to add colour and
flavour to soups stews and gravy - and has been used by generations of cooks and caterers.

When Burdalls disappeared around 2002 we started to receive numerous enquiries in our Moffat delicatessen: it took around two years to perfect our product -Uncle Roy's Old Fashioned Gravy Salt -  which is delighting traditional users world-wide, and which differs from the Burdalls Gravy Block and its competitors in a number of significant ways.

1  We use a coarse sea salt, which is not only better nutritionally, but doesn’t go into a solid lump as Burdalls or other versions do (despite their use of anti-caking agents found in chemically
produced salt).

2   Our recipe is however true to the Burdalls recipe in that it contains only Salt and Caramel -
unlike other gravy salts that contain other ingredients. People like this traditional simple formula which is allergen free as well as giving freedom to those who do not wish their Gravy Salt to contain thickeners.

3  Our old style presentation accords with the concept (using similar images and instructions to Burdalls) as well as providing protection and improved shelf life over non-recyclable packaging.

4  When a grocer in Inverurie in northern Scotland (pop circa 2,500) started stocking our Gravy Salt in 2005 they sold 31 dozen in 35 days - such was the response to its arrival (it even featured on local Radio) ........


Some notes about Sodium Content


 OLD FASHIONED GRAVY SALT is made from coarse sea salt and will have a sodium content of around 0.4g per gram

HOW MUCH ??    Gravy is prepared to your taste but we find a satisfactory gravy can be made with one heaped teaspoon per half litre ( a little more than a pint ). This means that it will use about 8g of Gravy Salt - so if your serving per person is three Tablespoonfuls - then your portion content will be about 0.28g of salt

To convert grams of Old Fashioned Gravy Salt to Sodium Content divide by  2.5

If you are taking ACE inhibitors to reduce High Blood Pressure you should not use any Gravy Salt without consulting your Doctor