Scottish Honey

Our honeys come from the finest apiary in Southern Scotland. Good quality honey is often in short supply, thanks to the vagaries of the British climate and the worldwide disease problems and farming changes of recent years. Some varieties may therefore be seasonally unavailable.

Scottish Heather Honey

Scottish Heather Honey£8.95

The Connoisseurs Choice! Strong "smokey" flavour with a distinct bite.

Scottish Heather and Wild Flower Honey

Scottish Heather and Wild Flower Honey£6.95

An exceptionally good flavour! Initially gathered from Bell Heather on the moors and then moved to the uplands to give the resulting blend

Scottish Clear Blossom Honey

Scottish Clear Blossom Honey£6.95

Mild and Sweet! Nectar from Clover, Willowherb, Lime, Wild Raspberry and Bramble for a unique flavour

Scottish Set Blossom Honey

Scottish Set Blossom Honey£6.95

Smooth, creamy texture! Bees have also gathered from oil seed rape which helps to give the fine grain structure

Mini Honey Selection

Mini Honey Selection£8.99


Pure Scottish Honey
1 x Mini Heather Honey
1 x Mini Heath & Wildflower Honey
1 x Mini Clear Blossom Honey
1 x Mini Set Blossom Honey

Toast Topper Hamper

Toast Topper Hamper£19.99   £17.99


1 x Lavender Jelly Jar
1 x Rhubarb Ginger Jam Jar
1 x Passionfruit Curd Jar
1 x Ginger Orange Marmalade Jar
1 x Set of 4 mini Honeys Tube