Our World ...

Well it seems that these days we need to tell everyone how environmentally friendly we are!!

Maybe that makes sense - because, when you look around at our rubbish-strewn towns, countryside and beaches, you begin to realise that ideas we see as commonsense have not yet become common behaviour !!!

Here at Uncle Roy's we minimise waste and recycle as a matter of course - and here are some of the things we do...


  • All of our label backing material (+ correspondence and office waste) is shredded and used as void-fill when we pack orders.
  • All of the cardboard cores from label rolls, packaging tape, fax rolls, etc are given to our local Childcare facility for the children to play with.
  • Cardboard boxes are flattened and cut up to provide strength and support within our packaging to minimise impact damage. Surplus cardboard is used locally in a mulching system underneath wood-bark  chips to suppress weeds .
  • Bubble-wrap as well as polystyrene and cellulose void-fill materials are all re-used.
  • Plastic ingredient tubs are passed on for such diverse projects as growing potatoes, storage and mixing plaster.
  • Dry-ingredient sacks are saved and passed on to others for re-use.
  • Our bottle and jar caps are metal rather than plastic.
  • Our Quality Assurance Scheme records - like most of our administrative functions - are computerised to reduce paperwork.
  • Our products are all packed in glass bottles or jars rather than plastic.
  • Pallets are re-used for our own deliveries, returned to the supply company, or passed on to someone with a wood-burner.
  • Any surplus not utilised above is sent to a recycling plant
  • We could go on - but you get the picture I hope ...........