Edible Flower Petals

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Small Red Rose Petals

Small Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £4.49

Original Mixed Rose Petals

Original Mixed Rose PetalsFrom:  £8.95

Big Red Rose Petals

Big Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Big Ruby Red Rose Petals

Big Ruby Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Burgundy Rose Petals

Burgundy Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Candy Pink Rose Petals

Candy Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Dark Orange Rose Petals

Dark Orange Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Golden Yellow Rose Petals

Golden Yellow Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Peach Blush Rose Petals

Peach Blush Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Raspberry Rose Petals

Raspberry Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Soft Pink Rose Petals

Soft Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Vintage Pink Rose Petals

Vintage Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Hot Pink Rose Petals

Hot Pink Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Mauve Rose Petals

Mauve Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Cream Rose Petals

Cream Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Small Pink Rose Buds

Small Pink Rose BudsFrom:  £4.49

Pink Carnation Petals

Pink Carnation PetalsFrom:  £6.95

Red Carnation Petals

Red Carnation PetalsFrom:  £6.95

Purple Carnation Petals

Purple Carnation PetalsFrom:  £6.95

Marigold Petals

Marigold PetalsFrom:  £3.99

Blue Lavender Florets

Blue Lavender FloretsFrom:  £5.99

Rainbow Petal Mix

Rainbow Petal MixFrom:  £5.99

Mini Scottish Seasoning Jar

Mini Scottish Seasoning Jar£3.49

Mini Ayrshire Meadows Jar

Mini Ayrshire Meadows Jar£3.49

Edible Sugared Red Rose Fragments

Edible Sugared Red Rose FragmentsFrom:  £6.45

Edible Sugared Violet Fragments

Edible Sugared Violet FragmentsFrom:  £6.45

Sugared - Lavender Florets

Sugared - Lavender FloretsFrom:  £3.95

Sugared - Small Red Rose Petals

Sugared - Small Red Rose PetalsFrom:  £5.95

Sugared - Whole Violet Flowers

Sugared - Whole Violet FlowersFrom:  £5.95

Duo of  Hot Pink & Candy Pink Rose Petals

Duo of Hot Pink & Candy Pink Rose Petals£12.95

1 x Hot Pink Rose Petals
1 x Candy Pink Rose Petals

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Page 1 of 2:    55 Items 

If you have tried our Flower Petal Seasonings - Ayrshire Meadows and Scottish Seasoning - you will know just how much eye-appeal they have; the modern adventurous and experimental cooks just love anything that will make their food more interesting. Hence the new "EAT ME! "range of dried and sugared flower petals.

Different flowers serve different roles - whether it is using simply as a garnish on cupcakes chocolates or Celebration cakes, floating on wine or Champagne, or as ingredients in baking, desserts, drinks, chocolate, salads, ice creams, in ice cubes, jams, rubs, soups or sauces.

We are often asked how many Rose Petals are in a jar - and it does vary a bit as you would expect, because petal sizes vary, but a rough guide is around 35 per 195ml jar.....

Catering and bulk sizes available in all flowers. Contact uncleroy@uncleroys.co.uk for info.