Natural Flavours

Throw away those jars of tasteless herbs and spices - these will keep their real flavour to the last drop. Just add to taste, either as part of your recipe or just before serving - you will find that 5-6 drops is about equal to a teaspoon of fresh ingredient. 

As well as herbs and spices we have all the fruit, nut, flower, spirit, seed, vegetable and brown-note flavours you could ask for!

A couple of flavours have won GREAT TASTE AWARDS GOLD AWARDS. There are too many to put them all forward but the other 100 are just as good!

Please note that the flavours are not sweetened so when used in milk or other unsweetened drinks you will have to add sugar or syrup.  Comprehensive notes about what is and is not in them can be found at the foot of the page.

Flavours are arranged in alphabetical order.........

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Natural Aniseed Essence

Natural Aniseed Essence£3.95

Natural Apple Essence

Natural Apple Essence£3.95

Natural Apricot Essence

Natural Apricot Essence£3.95

Natural Banana Essence

Natural Banana Essence£3.95

Natural Black Cherry Essence

Natural Black Cherry Essence£3.95

Natural Black Grape Essence

Natural Black Grape Essence£3.95

Natural Blackberry Essence

Natural Blackberry Essence£3.95

Natural Blackcurrant Essence

Natural Blackcurrant Essence£3.95

Natural Blueberry Essence

Natural Blueberry Essence£3.95

Natural Brandy Essence

Natural Brandy Essence£3.95

Natural Butter Essence

Natural Butter Essence£3.95

Natural Butterscotch Essence

Natural Butterscotch Essence£3.95

Natural Cashew Nut Essence

Natural Cashew Nut Essence£3.95

Natural Champagne Essence

Natural Champagne Essence£3.95

Natural Cheese Essence

Natural Cheese Essence£3.95

Natural Chocolate Essence

Natural Chocolate Essence£3.95

Natural Cinnamon Essence

Natural Cinnamon Essence£3.95

Natural Coconut Essence

Natural Coconut Essence£3.95

Natural Coffee Essence

Natural Coffee Essence£3.95

Natural Cola Essence

Natural Cola Essence£3.95

Natural Cranberry Essence

Natural Cranberry Essence£3.95

Natural Elderflower Essence

Natural Elderflower Essence£3.95

Natural Fenugreek Essence

Natural Fenugreek Essence£3.95

Natural Fig Essence

Natural Fig Essence£3.95

Natural Gin Essence

Natural Gin Essence£3.95

Natural Ginger Essence

Natural Ginger Essence£3.95

Natural Gooseberry Essence

Natural Gooseberry Essence£3.95

Natural Green Apple Essence

Natural Green Apple Essence£3.95

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Page 1 of 3:    68 Items 

Please note that all flavours and colours are Natural and can be described as such in recipes and ingredients lists. 

Extracts are supplied in an additive-free sunflower seed oil carrier.

Essences are supplied in (Mono)propylene glycol an inert carrier, ethanol (alcohol) - or a combination depending on what provides the best result in terms of stability and shelf life.

There are no sugars in the Essences or Extracts (not even in Maple, Caramel, Honey or Treacle)

There are some sugars in some of the Colours (Blue, Black and Green).

All are are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Most of the alcohol flavours do not contain alcohol.

The Colours and Woodsmoke Essence are the only ones that contain water.

Most of our flavours do not contain alcohol, however there are a few that do. Please check the label or drop us a message at for a detailed specification sheet.