Gravy Salts

When people started to come into Uncle Roy's famous Harvest Time Delicatessen looking for Burdalls Gravy Block he soon discovered why it had disappeared from the supermarket shelves. It seems that the factory had burnt down - so Uncle Roy got hold of an old packet of Burdalls and determined to keep this favourite going. We now sell thousands of jars a year to geberations of fans that use this simple means to add colour and flavour to soups, stews and gravy......

Now available in a reduced-sodium version for those who are concerned about their sodium intake.

See our special page above to read all about the Gravy Salt story.


Old Fashioned Gravy Salt

Old Fashioned Gravy Salt£3.50

Reduced Sodium Gravy Salt

Reduced Sodium Gravy Salt£3.50

P. S Our Gravy Salts have (at least) a three year shelf life so don't be afraid to stock up!!!